Playtime in Spanish

Capture a child’s prime time to learn Spanish

About the Class

The best time for learning a foreign language is from birth to age seven. Research has proven that children who learn a second language early show higher overall cognitive abilities. In addition children who learn a second language develop a greater knowledge of languages in general including their first language. Leading language experts have found that exposing children to the target language for a specific amount of time without translation is the most efficient and effective way for children to think and speak in a second language.

Our classes take a fun and immersive approach.

Children will learn by playing games and interacting, through music, movement, rhymes, stories, and finger-plays. An academic portion will be included with such activities as creating mini books and writing. Each class focuses on themes such as the colors, the family, the body, nature, animals, and much more!

April Sonnenberg Teaching Services

April Sonnenberg is a certified educator who obtained a multi-subject bilingual teaching credential from Chapman University, California, in 2002. Her teaching experience includes instructing 1st and 2nd-grade students within the Santa Ana Unified School District. Additionally, she has served as a bilingual substitute teacher within the Spanish Immersion program at Capistrano Unified School District.

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